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Russia - Vladimir's Photos

Vladimir sent me all these photos.

About 1/3 of the time we found a campsite that had some improvements on it.  This one had a pretty nice table.

A fairly typical market in a small village inside one of the ubiquitous log cabins.
This is Timothy and I in Novgorod.  You can get another glimpse of the Novgorod Kremlin behind us.  The size and construction of this Kremlin is fairly typical for that era.
Tver on the first day of cycling.
Here's Richard and I on one of the unpaved roads we took.  I had a run-in with a local about an hour before this photo was taken.  I was riding about in the middle of the road by myself.  A car came up behind me and honked so I started pulling over to the right side where I should have been in the first place.  The driver was meanwhile trying to pass me on the wrong side, and had to bail off the road when I started moving over.  He got out and cussed me out thoroughly in Russian.  The rest of the gang caught up a few minutes later and we got his car out and sent him on his way... Oops!!
I did my first off-road riding with the bent on this trip.  This obviously isn't serious offroading, but it's the only photo I have.  The bike did fine off road, and better than I thought it would.  After Russia and Vietnam, I feel ready to tackle just about any route.  The Moscow Times used this photo in a story about the Moscow Cycle Club.  You can read the article here.