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Russia - Hermitage

Here we have the traditional Christian Burning Of The Witch.  She probably committed some kind of heresy such as thinking for herself or doing something better than a man.
This one is called "Fighting Over A Woman".  It's a bit vulgar, and seems to be designed to either disturb people, offend them or both.  Pick the appropriate emotion.
There was a whole series in this style that I quite liked.  There were some signs that I presume explained them, but alas my Russian doesn't seem up to it.
This one didn't translate to the photo very well.  The man is a dwarf or something, and the proportions don't quite register right in the brain.  I stood and stared at for a while, and it kept getting stranger as I went along.
This one has the biggest discrepancy between the photo and the painting of all.  This was a very subtle painting that I liked a lot, but the subtlety was all lost in the translation to bits and bytes :(