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South Africa

My camera was broken for much of the South Africa trip, so the photo gallery is very weak :(

Most of Swaziland looked much like this.
This was my first look at the Drakenberg mountains.  I hadn't really ridden through any mountain ranges yet on this trip, so I was obviously due. 
Most of Lesotho looked a lot like this... or at least the part I saw before the beggars drove me insane and I left.
This is the Transvaal region.  It's a lot like the Australian outback, except it's not as flat.
The belt of fog on top of the mountain is called the "Table Cloth".  It's very cool when you see that on Table Mountain from Cape Town.  It looks like just a bank of fog sitting on top of the mountain and hanging over the sides.  This isn't the coolest view of it I saw, but I never got a better photo.
Here I am taking a nap after a concert I went to with Jon.

Photo Courtesy Jon

Climbing Table Mountain.

Photo Courtesy Jon

As you can see, I did a pretty pathetic job with the photos in this particular excursion.  I got better later.

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