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Spain & Portugal

Amalia at a marble quarry in the Basque country in Northern Spain.  I spent several years making big rocks into small rocks, so I'm always interested in other people doing the same.  This particular one had a long cable that was slicing away at the marble that I found quite interesting.  Juan Carlos is explaining how the whole thing works to Amalia.

Amalia and I spent a couple of weeks in a little hideaway in the Basque country when we both had big deadlines pending and wanted to get away from Madrid for a while.

Amalia took this one in the Basque country, near San Sebastian.  It may well have replaced the one Beth took in Sydney as my favorite photo of myself for the trip.

The fall colors are beautiful in the Pyrenees.  These photos were taken in mid October going over the Pyrenees to visit Noelle.  This spot was over near the western edge of the Pyrenees with some on the France side and some on the Spain side.

Amalia's brother Ignacio and his twin daughters.

Amalia's mother (also named Amalia) and her brother Jorge.

Amalia's brother Fernando.  She actually has six brothers, but I didn't get all of them on film in the gallery, although they're all visible in our Wedding Photos.

Amalia and I went back to Granada so she could be a special guest on a weekend long remote broadcast from this cool old hotel.

Amalia is now an official recumbent cyclist.  Here she is with her brand new bike... actually, it's not brand new as I'm writing this as we've finished her first 1000 km on it in Italy.

Amalia and I made a quick weekend trip to London to visit my friend Cara.  She works for the same company I do.