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Vietnam - Mi Lai

My Lai was a very profound visit for me, and something I think everyone should do. I'll show some of my photographs here, but I doubt you'll really get the effect from them.

The statues below were made by survivors from the massacre in 1968. If you look behind the statues, you see some areas that are raised about a foot above the surrounding soil. Those areas are where the huts were.

I found this statue to be a bit too marshal for my taste. It was obviously added by the communists to make a point, but I thought the simpler ones made by the survivors were both better aesthetically, and more effective at making the point.
More of the raised areas where the huts were, and a plaque listing exactly who was in which place. The ditch where most of the people were killed is off to the left out of the picture.
The museum was full of extremely harsh anti-American rhetoric. This doesn't bother me because I think we deserve it, and it was good to see. The communists are busy going around toning the rhetoric down to try to keep tourist dollars coming in, and it was good to see at least part of the old stuff while I had the chance.
The list of people killed. Pay particular attention to the third column in the expanded section. The word at the top is the Vietnamese word for Age. They apparently had one and three year olds that were not only communist, but Viet Cong as well. It's also striking looking at the similarities between this plaque and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. (which in my opinion is the best war monument in the U.S.). I'm not sure which came first, but they are strikingly similar.