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These are Amalia's parents and five of her six brothers: Fernando, Ignacio, Jorge, Guillermo, Enrique, Amalia and Santiago.  Her other brother Santiago was late so we couldn't get any photos of him. Santiago senior is a lawyer, specialist in the Auto Industry. He is currently developing the first Master Degree for the Auto Industry in Spain. Amalia senior is an expert at knitting and crochet for babies. All of you who have babies or are thinking of it should contact her.
Amalia and Amalia.
Our expectant guests, obviously very excited.  In the first row are Amalia's brothers Enrique and Fernando, and Fernando's wife Cristina.
Amalia and Monica.  These two are going to have a tough time when Amalia leaves Madrid.
Eduardo and Roberto, Monica's boyfriend.
Eduardo. Monica and Roberto.
Monica and Amalia.