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After the ceremony, we had a party in a nice garden of a restaurant that was made from an old ice factory. 

These are Elena, Mares & Beatriz.  They were all school and university mates with Amalia while she was getting her degree in Art History.  Amalia also has a PhD in music. 

The same women with their husbands and husband's brother.
Friends from Amalia's writing class.  Monica, Maria, Karmele, Recaredo & Ofelia.
Alfredo, Julia and their son Antonio.  Alfredo is also a flute player, and Julia is an archeologist and translator.
Marga & Elena are sisters.  Marga was a schoolmate of Amalia's.
Jorge with Amalia.  Jorge is Amalia's youngest brother.  He's not seen much in these photos because he took most of them.  He is a software engineer like me.  He writes banking software for online account management for a large Spanish bank.  He's also going to go ride with Amalia and I one of these days.