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Amalia's brothers Enrique, Guillermo and Ignacio.  Enrique is a pilot.  He just finished his training as a commercial pilot, and is just moving to Barcelona to start a career as a pilot/manager for a small private airline.  Guillermo is an international businessman.  He used to be a professional American Football player in the World League.  He was the only Spanish player on Spain's football team, the Barcelona Dragons.  Ignacio is a successful lawyer, and he works in the Organization that controls stock movement in Spain.  Ignacio has two beautiful twin daughters, but they were too young to bring to the wedding.
Fernando and Cristina.  We stayed with them for a few days before the wedding, and Cristina prepared the most beautiful surprise for us on the night before the wedding.  We found our room full of flowers and fire, and it was the most beautiful sight you can imagine.

Fernando is a doctor (urologist), and he is currently building a practice using some brand new technology for non-invasive surgery.  Cristina owns a very successful magazine based on doll collecting.  They have three very nice daughters, but they were also too young for such a late wedding.  Their 3 year old daughter Irene likes me a lot because she talks a mile a minute, and I never disagree with her... mainly because I can't understand her.  I just say "si" or "Muy bien" to everything she says.

Monica, Roberto and Eduardo.
Guillermo, Inma, Cristina and Enrique. 

Inma is Ignacio's wife.  She is also a successful lawyer and teacher at the university.  She just finished her PhD.

Cristina is an old family friend.  She's a doctor and has been very nicely treating me for a nasty cough I developed a few weeks ago.

Maria, Ana and Inaki.  Maria and Inaki are historians and Ana is an English and French professor.